Basso Diamante Disc Di2 9270 DT Bicycle



It has been 22 years since the first Diamante was launched. 22 years in which the Diamante has gone through 8 evolutions to become what it is today: the most Basso bicycle of all. Our longest-lasting bicycle, stainless like any self-respecting diamond. A constant and meticulous improvement process, often working on invisible details, capable of combining future-oriented innovation and Basso’s more than 45-year legacy.

Leaving the starting point to go to another place, outside one’s own schemes, to explore and then return enriched, to evolve what was started. A circular movement that becomes a spiral as it is perfected, enclosing the past and the future. The spirit of Basso flows in the circular tubes of the Diamante frame. A form that is not only an aesthetic solution, but research to obtain the best performance from a material, carbon.

A unique design, the result of extremely complex engineering, perfected over the years detail by detail. A timeless aesthetic, capable of interpreting the contemporary.  The search for a balance between lightness and stability , making the most of the characteristics of  carbon carefully crafted by hand . The thickness of the tubes has been meticulously studied to provide  lightness and reactivity on climbs and stability on descents , even at high speeds.
Today La Diamante confirms its vocation for climbs and descents. Careful engineering work has  further reduced the weight by over 200 grams , allowing the complete bike assembly to easily stay below the UCI weight limit (6.8kg). A bicycle without an extra gram, designed to make each ride an exciting experience, an opportunity to challenge your limits.
  • Frame: Diamante carbon monocoque construction Toray 40t &30, FAW 50
  • Fork: Diamante carbon monocoque construction Toray 40t &30, FAW 50
  • Seatpost clamp: 3B Gen 2 seatpost clamp
  • Address: Microtech integrated cables head set
  • Cockpit:
    • Integrated Levita stem and handlebar 
    • Handlebar tape: “The Ribbon” road handlebar tape
    • Seatpost: Diamante 2023 -15 mm Seatpost
    • Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Boost SuperFlow Carbon
  • Transmission:
    • Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset
    • Shimano Dura Ace Hollowtech II Crankset 
    • Chain: Shimano Dura Ace 12v 
    • Bottom Bracket: Shimano Dura Ace 
    • Cassette: Shimano Dura Ace 12v 11-34
    • Front derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 2x12v
    • Gear: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 12v
    • Controls: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Dual Control 12 v
  • Brakes:
    • Brakes: Shimano Dura Ace 
    • Discs: Shimano Dura Ace 160 mm rear, 140 mm front.
  • Wheels and tires:
    • Wheels: DT Swiss ERC 1100DB carbon rim 50 mm rim depth; 20mm internal rim width; 1472g total weight; Tubeless Ready
    • Front axle: Basso Standard 123mm x 12mm
    • Rear axle: Basso Standard 166mm x 12mm w/ Integrated tool
    • Tires: Continental GP500x28 mm 


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