Basso Palta II GRX 1X11 MX25



Palta Gravel Bicycle, maintains the most positive elements of the previous version but improved.

  • Frame: Palta carbon monocoque construction 100% 3k Toryca HMFC T 7000 – MR 60 monocoque construction
  • Fork:  Avocado full carbon 3K Torayca HMCF- MR60 monocoque  construction
  • Address:  Mixcrotech Integrated cables Head Set
  • Cockpit:
    • Power:  Paradigm
    • Handlebar:  Basso Gravel Carbon
    • Seatpost: Heart Carbon-15mm
    • Saddle: San Marco Ground
  • Wheels and tires:
    • Tyres: Continental Terra Trail 700x 40 mm
    • Wheels: Microtech MX25. Alloy rim construction; 21mm rim depth; 25mm internal rim width; Tubeless Ready.
    • Front Axle: Basso Explorer 125 mm x 12 mm
    • Rear Axle:  Basso Exolorer 165mm x 12mm
  • Drivetrain:
    • Group: Shimano GRX 800 1×11
    • Chainring: 42T
    • Cassette: Shimano 114-42
    • Chain: Shimano HG 701
    • Bottom Bracket: Shimano BB 72
    • Reartrainer: Shimano Shadow RD +
    • Controls: Shimano Grx ASP
  • Brakes:
    • Brakes: Shimano GRX BR-RX810
    • Discs: Front: Shimano 160mm; Rear: Shimano 160 mm


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