Stealth Bomber 72V 15000W



The Stealth Bomber Electric dirt bike is one of the newest hybrid eBikes. A huge advantage with a hybrid Electric dirt bike is you still have the speed and power of a full dirt bike, while retaining the usability of the manual pedal function to get you home. You will leave your gas powered friends behind at the fuel station and at the race track. Silently cruise down city streets, up rocky mountain slopes, or over jumps with the Stealth Bomber. Fully customize your bike with your choice of 21*3 turtle tires 21*3 motorcycle tires, 26*4 kinda fat tires, fenders, battery capacity, motor size, and even seat type.


The Stealth Bomber 72V 15000W

  • Top Speed 80 mph
  • 75 mile range
  • LCD Display
  • ZOOM DH680 Front Fork and DNM rear suspension
  • LED Headlight and Taillight with rear blinkers
  • Tektrol Hydraulic Disk brakes with 203mm disks
  • Aluminum Risunmotor grips with full twist throttle
  • optional 26in 3in motorcycle tires or 26in 4in Kenda fat bike tires
  • Key for security
  • 7 speed
  • 72V 56 Ah EVE cells lithium battery with a Sabvoton 72V 150A charger controller

Warranty Information

Motor: 2 year warranty

Charger: 1 year warranty

Controller: 1 year warranty

Battery: 18 month warranty

This eBike brings an interesting new look to the Electric bike category. Looking more like a motorcycle than your average eBike and performing well above them aswell. This high tech Electric Dirt Bike sports many advanced features to put you miles ahead of the competition.

  • Charging time takes about 8-10 hours
  • Smart Sabvoton controller 72V 150A to charge the battery.
  • The advanced FOC vector algorithm is used to drive the DC brushless motor. Automatic matching of motor Hall angle in 2 minutes. Various built-in protections of the controller to ensure the safe and stable operation of the vehicle: anti runaway protection, over-voltage and under voltage protection, over-current protection, controller overheat protection.
  • optional bicycle seat or motorcycle seat.
  • Tektrol hydraulic E500 brake TEKTRO E725 Hydraulic Brake Standard Finish Barrel Lever / Black Bracket
  • UKC1 Colorful display 3.5 inch IPS screen for vivd readouts of speed, selected gear, battery percentage, and ride times.
  • 72V battery supply rated operating power : 1W Max operating power: 5W USB charging port: 5V 500mA Off leakage current < 1uA Support current to controller : 100mA Operating temperature : -20~70℃, Storage temperature : -30~80℃
  • 26*4.0 FAT rim with Kenda fat tyre
  • KKE150 front oil fork with KKE rear air shock
  • headlight beam,rear light with signal,horn
  • This model ranges vary from 50- 40 miles. Riding style and terrain conditions may effect your range.
  • 72V 26 ah EVE cells lithium battery with a 3A charger
  • Shimano 7 speed


Weight & Dimensions
Steerer tube:                                                                      1.13″
Outer tube:                                                                        1.65″
Inner tube:                                                                        1.37″
Down tube:                                                                       0.78″
Frame Material                                                      Steel 1/2mm
Wheel Size:                                                                        21″ 3″
Front Fork Travel:                                                                   8″
Vehicle Weight:                                                           165.34lbs
Axle:                                                                                  4.33″


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